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The Most Advanced AI-Driven Virtual Avatars

Genus AI

Effective visual advertising content generator

Muncher 2

Smart kitchen platform

HyPoint 2

Next-generation hydrogen fuel cells zero-CO system


The all-in-one companion for every gamer

Aria Pharmaceuticals

Artificial intelligence-driven biopharmaceutical company.


The world's first augmented reality platform for companies.


We enable the fashion and uniform industries to provide innovative and personalized shopping experiences based on their customer's unique body profiles.

8base 2

Easy-to-use web and mobile app creation tools

Instreamatic 2

Interactive AI-powered Voice-Enabled Advertising


API platform for crypto payments in the FinTech industry


Precision Therapeutics to Revolution Disease Treatment


B Generous startup - Donate Now, Pay Later™ helping people donate more money to Charities


Investing in ZibraAI startup - platform creates 3D models and effects for the Game/VR/AR/XR development industries using AI

SpeedSize AI

Accelerating media loading speed. Delivering top web performance by AI-optimization.

Spin Technology, Inc.

SaaS Apps Security and Ransomware Protection

Spin 2

All-in-One data protection platform for the enterprise.

Voice-based virtual English AI tutor for kids


Oasis AI startup allows you to control your avatar with your face in real-time.


Service for assessing the security of computer systems and networks of corporate clients


Helping brands speed up customer service with ultra-accurate customer location


The largest last-mile hubs food-tech startup


Leading innovator in the Wealth Tech


Investing together with Change Ventures in Monetizr startup: helping brands engage with 300+ million players


DigiBuild is the Trusted Material Management and Procurement Software for Builders.


Solving the problem of wrong name pronunciation


Leaders in therapeutic-grade bioprinting

VC Syndicate Fund, LLC Series Seed I

A ready-made investment portfolio in 3 startups


Next-generation Caller ID platform. Video Caller ID & Spam-Free Dialer


High-quality no-code AI analysis of Big Data


AI-powered digital court reporting software platform.

Support Ukrainian Startups

Network VC raises a fund to invest and help Ukrainian startups in the face of Russian aggression


Provides content creators with the tools to get financial support from their fans.

Accern 2

High-quality no-code AI analysis of Big Data


3D bioprinting platform intended to create materials with living cells with applications in biomaterials, cancer research, and human organ replacements.


An AI-powered Voice Dialogue Marketing platform designed to power interactive, dialog-based advertisements on mobile platforms

3dlook (Series A6)

We enable the fashion and uniform industries to provide innovative and personalized shopping experiences based on their customer's unique body profiles


Next-generation hydrogen fuel cells zero-CO system


Next generation backend-as-a-service for powering SaaS and other go-to-market applications.


Digital on-car advertisement platform of tomorrow


Create speech that's indistinguishable from the original speaker. Perfect for filmmakers, game developers, and other content creators.


Gives patients access to timely and effective physiotherapy


The WowCube entertainment system

Accern 3

High-quality no-code AI analysis of Big Data

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